April 14, 2013

Old Picture!

I drew this picture last year, a few months after I graduated from J.H.S. I miss my best friend so much so I drew this. Is this picture good?


April 13, 2013

If I Had $1.000.000 Project!

Well, Miss B told us to make our own 'If I Had $1.000.000' Project for this week class and I drew some pictures about what I'm going to do if I had a million dollars. But I just want to share two of them because the other pictures are awful! Sorry!

So, what are you going to do if you had a million dollars?
Make your own creative list!


I Am a Pen That Will Write My Own Story!

Well, this is my metaphor that I made for Miss B class! Just want to share it. Check it out!


Thank You For The Compliments!

My classmates and I were learn about compliments in Miss B class and I got 9 compliments from my classmates. That was huge for me, thanks a lot guys! I appreciate that!


April 10, 2013

Unforgettable Experience (AMINEF WORDS Competition)

I wanna say hi! Long time no see.. How's life? Are you doing well? Hehe...

Aku kembali lagi dengan membawa sebuah pengalaman terbesar yang pernah aku alami. The best and unforgettable experience in my life!

Jadi, tanggal 28 Februari aku ikut seleksi lomba pidato bhs Inggris yang diadakan ETA aku yang paling kece Miss Bethany Kreider dan yeeee aku menang dan berhasil jadi wakil sekolah.

Tanggal 15 Maret aku ke Jakarta untuk ngikutin WORDS Competition yang diadain AMINEF yaitu lembaga yang menaungi Miss B. Semuanya free loh, hotel, pesawat, makan, bahkan airport tax dibayarin. Hotel tempat aku nginep itu GRAN MELIA Hotel! Kebayang ngga? Itu hotel internasional loh yang rata-rata tamunya bule semua.